Project Description

A thundering five piece metal band, Tooth & Dagger, formed in 2020 punch you in the gut with their signature style. Their official music video for “Sinking Feelings” shares that style visually and is one part of the Burning Ember Trilogy.

The story for Sinking Feelings follows the conflict between the first mate of The Burning Ember and it’s captain who he despises. After poor navigation and getting lost, only to find themselves marooned on an island, the First Mate leads a mutiny. 

This project was shot at The Mitre bar in Stourbridge. A bar that host gigs and support ing musicians from all over the UK.

Thanks for your support guys!

  • Project Title: Sinking Feelings – Tooth & Dagger
  • Project Date: May – July 2022
  • Location: The Mitre – Stourbridge
  • Form: Official Music Video
  • Runtime: 4 minutes 10 seconds

Tooth & Dagger

  • Guitars – Iain Sutherland
  • Bass – Lucinda Stevenson
  • Drums – Chris Watson
  • Vocals – Dante Efemey
  • Guitars – Dale Henshaw

The Captain – Justin Bordley

First Mate – Dan Goode

The Shaman – Dawne Efemey

  • Directed by Dante Efemey
  • Story by Dante Efemey

Dan Hutchinson

  • Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Editor

Make Up