Project Description

In this Sci-Fi misadventure, the duo find themselves in a maelstrom of chaos after crossing a taped off crash site in the woods. Tripp gets lost in the smoke and is quickly confronted by things he can’t explain. After he doesn’t return, Starboi decides to go after him.

Lp Tripp-

“When me and Starboi sat down and wrote the song, we had a party song in mind, but not your typical party song, like a dingy room club party song. The underground club compared to the mainstream.” It’s to do with the struggle of addiction to substances and giving them up.”

Starboi Senshi-

“Like trip said, the track is about the darker side to the party lifestyle like the “after, after party”. An experience that most of us will know about, be that good or bad.”

“Working on the video was a lot of fun, it’s my second ever professionally shot and story boarded music video and although it took more than a few nights of filming I loved every second of it. Working with Dan is sick, he knows exactly what he’s doing and how to do it and I can’t wait to finish up the rest of the trilogy!”

  • Project Title: Shleeean – Starboi Senshi X Lp Tripp
  • Release Date: February 2022
  • Location: Wellington, Telford
  • Form: Narrative/Performance Music Video
  • Runtime: 3:26
  • Lewis Bates as LP Tripp
  • Callum Edwards as Starboi Senshi
  • Trademark Blud as Agent Trademark
  • Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Hutchinson
  • Props Design by Leo Horton
  • Track produced by TrippBeatz

Special Thanks to;


Andy Galloway of AGR Productions, for shooting tracking footage when I had broken my foot.


Kyle for providing the vehicle, standing in as Gaffa for the shoot days and for playing the role of dead person in bodybag, which we eventually cut from the edit.


And generally a thank you to the people above for weathering the freexing cold nights of winter shooting this!