We love Horror. A twisted Wonderland gave us so much fun in the edit.

Telford Wonderland is a staple attraction in the heart of Shropshire offering exciting events for children of all ages. From Halloween Fright nights to meeting Santa at Christmas. We were brought in to film their Halloween event and loved every minute of it. The Fairytale characters were really well performed and designed, the maze of screams lived up to the name and the fire-breathing and character walkabouts from Leo’s Loco Circus were intense, to say the least.

For the video Telford Wonderland wanted a title led montage showing what the feel of Wonderland is like at Halloween. We decided to focus our filming on the following;

-Characters interacting with the public-

-The trick or treat houses where kids were led through a series of themed shacks and often frightened-

-The Maze of Screams, as mazes always appear frightening, especially at Halloween-

-The fire-breathing performance by Loco Leo from Leo’s Loco Circus-

We planned the video to entice children and parents to come to Wonderland, and after feedback from social media and various customers of the attraction, it’s done just that. We since visited Wonderland to film their Summer and Christmas events and was their last year for Halloween. It’s great when you hear a child shout, ‘Look mom! He’s from the video!’ You know you’ve done well then.

Check out Telford Wonderland for future events, you will not be disappointed.

The video is cut to ‘This is Halloween’ from The Nightmare before Christmas. Purchase here.

Client: Telford Wonderland

Category: Events/Corporate

Date: October 2015