Expert Tattoo's, fundraising and a great atmosphere. Ink-A-Go-Go is a valuable part of it's community.

Ink-A-Gogo is an annual Tattoo convention with a difference. Ian Marshall, the organizer, wanted to bring together tattoo artists for a cause he feels very strongly about, the charity Combat Stress, the leading UK charity dedicated to helping ex-soldiers deal with life coming back from war. Not only was the event for a good cause, but it was also full of incredible talent, with Tattoo Artists coming from all over the UK ranging in styles such as dot-work, New Style, and Abstract tattoos.

We were brought in to help give the artists and the event promotion, sharing their work and the story of Ink-A-GoGo with an online audience. We made two videos for the event, a short social media optimized ‘Spotlight Video’ for Facebook usage and a longer documentary of the event with interviews to share the story in a broader sense.

We really enjoyed discovering all the talented artists and learning more about tattoo art as a craft. Rocky McGhee from Ink Asylum took home the top prize for his work on an Abstract tattoo piece he did at the event. Check his work out here and get yourself booked in!

Client: Ink-A-Go-Go

Category: Events Video

Date: May 2017