Hard-hitting Metal from one of Telford's greatest bands - Live

ArtBeat Battle of the Bands 2016 put over 50 great local bands against each other in a 5 heat live show play-off. A competition determined by a panel of judges and by the fans, online and at the venue chose the band Disbeliever as the finalists.  Disbelievers heavy sound was a head turner at the final, getting everyone to throw themselves about ferociously.

No filmmakers were harmed in the making of this video.

We were brought in to do a multi-cam shoot and capture high quality, raw audio through various microphones on stage. We had a crew of 6 people, covering angles such as the Master Shot, Mid-Close up roaming shots, on stage footage for crowds and band creative shots, a second roaming camera in the pit and a GoPro above the drums. Drummers never get enough footage. BCM Media came along to assist with more cameras and men for the shoot. And finally, a mic set-up was established and the audio was mixed professionally by our friends at Noise Recordings.

This is part of a series of multi-cam videos from the finale night, and over 30 videos from the semi-finals. Not only were we aiming to provide ArtBeat great exposure, but with the live videos, ArtBeat wanted as many unsigned and local bands as possible to take away footage of their performances, to assist with record labels and a more established online presence for their fans. With a total of 10,000 views from the entire project, we were all rather happy with the results.

Disbeliever performs ‘Never Burn Alive’. Unfortunately, the band is no longer together, however, check out their Facebook page to see what they are all up to now!

Client: ArtBeat Events

Category: Live Performance

Date: March 2015