A huge parade, floating jellyfish and a giant rave turtle make for some good moments. Congrats Telford!

Carnival of Giants returned for a third year to Telford. Transforming our inland town into an underwater seaside adventure! The event, hosted by Telford Town Council & Discover Telford, boasts a huge parade with GIANT floats, a vast array of activities for families, children, and adults and spectacular features such as Southwater Beach and the 70ft long sperm whale. Needless to say, we had a great time filming.

For this project, we created two videos. A full-length highlights video optimized for YouTube, and a spotlight video accompanied with titles for Facebook engagement. Each social media platform has different user intentions and layouts, if you want a video to reach it’s intended audience effectively then they the differences must be taken into account. For example, Facebook square videos take up more real estate (screen space) on a mobile than a widescreen 16:9 video. Make the video square and a user has more to scroll past, giving you those precious extra moments to captivate your audience with your video. It works.

The Full Highlights video has been internally hosted here. Check it out! We particularly like the Rave Turtle and its dancer.

Client: Telford & Wrekin Council

Category: Events Video

Date: July 2017