When you get hooked into a night out, and things get way out of hand.

Hooks by Funk-Rock band Black Bear Kiss follows our main character’s journey into a beautifully weird bar, Percy’s Cafe Bar in Whitchurch, where BBK are playing. Our main character has the time of his life after meeting our femme fatale antagonist played by Charly Malone. Things take a dark turn when it’s revealed she’s on a mission to kill.

Hooks is an energetic and fast cut video that takes the typical boy meets girl storyline and adds an exciting twist based on tropes from the horror genre. We shot the whole video in 7 hours with a skeleton crew of 3 people and approximately 20 extras. Thank you for everyone involved, from Percy’s for providing a beautiful location, to the actors, extras, and drivers that made this happen!

Below you can find further details about the project, the full music video and a behind the scenes video create by AGR Productions.

Client: Black Bear Kiss

Category: Music Video

Date: April 2018

Production Details


Tom – Leon Turton (Facebook)
Femme Fatale – Charly Malone (Acting Profile)

The Band

Chris Leech – Vocals
Rob Jones – Guitar
Rich Sach – Bass
Chris Bagnall – Drums
Colin Haden – Lead Guitar


Director/DoP/Editor – Daniel George Hutchinson (Lost World Media)

Story by Black Bear Kiss & Daniel George Hutchinson

1st Assistant Director – Leo Kane-Horton

Behind The Scenes – Andy Galloway (AGR Productions)


Band – Black Bear Kiss

Song Name – Hooks (Purchase here)

Location – Percy’s Cafe Bar (Whitchurch)

Release Date 13th April

Behind the Scenes

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