Press release for the Music Video release of “Shleean”

> By artists LP Tripp & Starboi Senshi

> Genre: Trapp/Wave Hip Hop

> Track produced by: TrippBeatz

> Music Video listing platform: Youtube

> Music Video directed by Dan Hutchinson

> Shoot Location: Wellington, Telford

> Music Video Release: 4pm, February 4th 2022


Telford based artists Lp Tripp & Starboi Senshi have been working on a Music Video project for their new single “Shleean”.

In this Sci-Fi misadventure, the duo find themselves in a spot of bother after crossing police tape into a mysterious crash site in the woods. Tripp ends up getting lost in the smoke and quickly finds himself confronted by things he can’t explain. Meanwhile, Starboi, whos been waiting at the car growing concerned sets off to find him. Full of punchy visual effects, trippy narrative sequences, high stakes and an ending that leaves the viewers wanting more, Shleeean is a Music Video that will leave a lasting impression of the artists.

LP Tripp

I’m an audio engineer and producer based in Telford. I wanted to be a musician from the age of 12. My uncle owned a studio so i was in the studio environment alot.


The first time i remember recording other people was at college, I recorded tracks from my friends bands and my own material. Over the years i’ve been in many bands of different genres, as well as releasing my own solo tracks.


I started working with Starboi a few years back. We clicked straight away musically, we had similar tastes and a similar vision. We had regular studio sessions and over time I became his producer.


When me and Starboi sat down and wrote the song, we had a party song in mind, but not your typical party song, like a dingy room club party song. The underground club compared to the mainstream.” It’s to do with the struggle of addiction to substances and giving them up.

Starboi Senshi

I’ve been always emotionally attached to music from a young age, the way songs made me feel was more important than anything at the time. As I got older my friends an I were getting into the grime renaissance in the UK and started writing our, using the 16 bar structure it’s known for.


Like trip said, the track is about the darker side to the party lifestyle like the “after, after party”. An experience that most of us will know about, be that good or bad.


I first started taking music seriously when I met TRiPP in 2019 and he introduced me to the whole production and professional side of music, before that I was spitting over beats from YouTube. The relationship has grown a lot since then and if anything I’d class him as my older brother now with how he guides me and still helps me with anything I need in music.


Working on the video was a lot of fun, it’s my second ever professionally shot and story boarded music video and although it took more than a few night of filming I love every second of it. Working with Dan is sick he knows exactly what he’s doing and how to do it and I can’t wait to finish up the rest of the trilogy!

Dan Hutchinson

“I was approached by LP Tripp & Starboi Senshi early in 2021 to make a Music Video for a different track called Lockdown, a track about two friends attempting to live their lives in the middle of the pandemic. After a couple of meetings I ended up pitching a fantasy sci-fi concept that brought elements of The Matrix, Invasion of the Body Snatchers & Men in Black forward for the world the characters were inhabiiting. We plotted the video out, shot a few days of production, but due to size of the cast and crew, the number of locations and the restrictions the governments Lockdown imposed, along with various members catching Covid during the scheduled filming, we decided to put the project on hiatus and develop a trilogy around the story we had created. Shleeean is the first part of that trilogy. We shot Shleean in the woods near my house in Wellington. With just the two performers featuring in the video, their friend with a car and myself as the sole crew member we were able to shoot this much more comfortably.


Lockdown will be coming next in the trilogy. We’re in casting on that at the moment, searching for a dozen or so undead infected types for the final scenes. We’ve already shot a bout a 3rd of the video, have all the locations confirmed and even have another great local musician Trademark Blud cast as the villain of the story.


I cant wait to finally get this trillogy made and show their audience. I think they’ll love seeing the pair in the same role again after the first one. Each story should stand on it’s own two feet, but there’s something about world building and continuing a narrative that is so compelling for audiences. Just look at the success of the Marvel universe. It’s not just a Hollywood thing either. Musicians are increasingly doing trilogies. Panic at the Disco have The Devils Key Trilogy and Hayley Williams released Simmer, Leave it Alone and Cinnamon as part of her solo act in 2021.
Shleean released on the 4th of February.
Here is the teaser trailer for it.


I have attatched some stills for the music video below. Feel free to use these images for your publication. Credit should go to “Dan Hutchinson”

You can download these via the secure google drive link below.

There is a preview of the files below.

Contact Details

Please don’t hesitate If you wish to contact us for further information on the project.


*Note The artists wish their names for any publications be their artists names and not the real names. I hope this is ok!


Daniel Hutchinson
Music Video Director


Lewis Bates
LP Tripp
07985 150671


Callum Edwards
Starboi Senshi
07488 309410


Thank you for your time.
-Dan Hutchinson

How to find the video?

For readers to find the video, they can go to Youtube and Search “Shleean” right now. It appears at the top of searches.


They can also directly visit Starboi Senshis Youtube page and see the link to the video there!

Shleean - Out Now