Project Description

“Discussing Mental Health” is a beacon of hope in the world of mental well-being. In this project, we delve into the incredible work of Stephanie Bashford, the CEO and founder of this groundbreaking initiative.

Inspiration and Mission: Stephanie’s journey began with a deep-rooted frustration over the inadequate support available for those struggling with mental health issues. Waiting times were unacceptably long, and private therapy was often financially out of reach. But instead of simply lamenting these challenges, Stephanie decided to be a force for change. Her mission was to provide a lifeline for those suffering in silence.

A Personal Journey: Stephanie’s connection to mental health wasn’t merely professional. It was deeply personal. Her own path to recovery included the integration of exercise, and she passionately shared her experiences through the “Discussing Mental Health” podcast. The project took a poignant turn during the pandemic when Stephanie lost her brother to medication prescribed for mental health conditions. This heartbreaking event fueled her commitment to helping others who faced similar struggles. Stephanie was determined to make a difference.

A Unique Approach: “Discussing Mental Health” is not just another mental health initiative. It’s a fresh, unique, and innovative combination of talking therapy and exercise. This approach offers a holistic way to address mental well-being, recognizing the undeniable link between physical activity and mental health.

Collaboration and Research: The project collaborates with Birmingham’s leisure facilities and partners with a group of master’s students from Aston University to conduct a comprehensive study. This research will help pave the way for the project’s expansion across all nine leisure centers.

Community Impact: The ultimate vision is clear – to make mental health support accessible to as many Birmingham citizens as possible. Stephanie and her team aim to prove the efficacy of their approach through lived experiences and real case studies, collected from participants.

Join the Cause: This project is a call to action. It encourages everyone to watch and share the video to raise awareness and support this important mission. If you believe you can contribute in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can be part of a profound change in the landscape of mental health support.

  • Project Title: Discussing Mental Health – Promotional Video
  • Release Date: October 2023
  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Form: Promotional Video
  • Runtime: 3:27 Minutes
  • Directed by Dan Hutchinson
  • DoP – Andy Galloway
  • Gaffa – Jake Cave
  • Sound Engineer – Lewis Bates


  • Editor – Dan Hutchinson
  • Assistant Editor – Andy Galloway