Freaky Disco Metal & Suicidal Self Repairing Robots with Dead Happy... the band from Birmingham

Dead Happy is a Freaky Disco Metal band from the West Midlands (UK) comprised of the following members;

Professor Pretorius – Vocals, Keys & Programming
Christopher Reave – Guitar & Keys
Harry – Bass, Keys & Synth Drums

Yes, you read that right. It’s hard to describe what their sound is, but it’s unique, full of humor and very well crafted. When we first met them we knew we could work together and produce a very interesting video. Naturally, the song Off Switch was written about a suicidal robot, built with the capacity for love, but with nothing to love. Approaching the video, we brought in our extremely creative props-maker Leo Kane-Horton to create the Robot, who in turn became known as M.E.E.G.O.

The video is cut between an exciting and strobey performance, full of dead happy’s flare and signature style, and the story of M.E.E.G.O, how he is brought to life by a crazed and drunken scientist, to his adventures and suicide attempts in the outside world.

The video was created with the help of BCM media with Equipment Rental & Editing. Always a pleasure working with you all.

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Download Off Switch from their debut EP here.

Client: Dead Happy

Category: Music Video

Date: March 2016