Community, engagement and an extremely fun time. An events video for the people of Telford.

Carnival of Giants 2016 was hosted by Telford & Wrekin Council as a way to bring our scattered community of local Telford towns and villages together. It’s a celebration of community talent, food, education and arts, and has in it’s second year become one of the largest carnivals in Shropshire.

Telford Town Council wanted a short highlights video to summarise the event, focussing on the community, crowd engagement, the vendors, and artists. Its purpose was to give carnival attendees something to share from their experience across social media and furthermore, it was also used to show their sponsors how the money given to help fund the event was used to it’s fullest potential.

The video is hosted on Discover Telford’s Youtube Channel. If you haven’t subscribed already you should now! Discover Telford is an essential part of our thriving community. It showcases the event’s going on around Telford & Shropshire, with the website giving users the ability to find something amazing to do in the local area.

Video cut to the festival street band known as Ski Band. The song is called ‘Coming Home’  Listen to this amazing track here

Client: Telford & Wrekin Council

Category: Events Video

Date: July 2016